The Top Gambling Cities in the United States

Whether you’re trying your luck on a roulette wheel, or trying to beat the dealer at a game of blackjack, gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in America. The United States has many cities that have become world-renowned for their casinos and racetracks. Here are a few of the most popular and widely known gambling cities in the United States

Las Vegas, Nevada

If there’s a list about gambling and casinos, there’s going to be some mention of Las Vegas. A gambler’s paradise located in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas has become one of the world’s most prestigious gambling hotspots, and is easily the most widely known gambling destination in America.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

The east coast hub for all things casino related, Atlantic City has become a gambling powerhouse with over 13 world-class casinos located within its borders. While Atlantic City has become a powerful force in the gambling world, it’s only been around for about 40 years. For most of the 20th century, Atlantic City struggled economically, and its famed Boardwalk languished because gambling was completely illegal. However, in 1976, New Jersey passed a referendum that legalized gambling, and the city has since become a gambling powerhouse.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has been a haven for gamblers for almost 200 years. The Mississippi allowed for easy travel to and from every other city along the river, so it’s natural that the city located at the mouth of the river became a popular destination for tourists and gamblers. Today, New Orleans is known for their elaborate riverboat sbobet casino that attract gamblers from all around the world to try their luck.

Reno, Nevada

Popularly known as the biggest little city in the world, Reno, Nevada was one of the only places in America to have legalized gambling in the 1930s while the majority of the United States completely banned the practice. Reno was initially founded as a railway town, with the city located directly between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Sacramento, California. The world famous Caesars Entertainment Corporation was founded in Reno, and has since established casinos in many other cities.

Palm Springs, California

With seven popular casinos located in the valley area, Palm Springs is the top gambling location in California. Many of the casinos are part of a resort, including the Morongo, The Spa, Agua Caliente, Fantasy Springs, Spotlight, Augustine, and Red Earth.

Fixed-Odds Betting

Parimutuel Betting

Parimutuel betting is one of the most widespread forms of fixed-odds betting, and it revolves around wagering on the outcome of horse races. Wagers are placed before the race, and if the horse the player bets on wins, the player gets a payout from the bookmaker. Parimutuel betting can also be used to describe wagering on greyhound races, and other races that involve animals.

Sports Betting

Sports team betting is popular in the United States and many other European countries. In the United Kingdom alone, several million pounds are wagered every week on football and rugby matches. In addition, there’s a great deal of unorganized betting that happens in bars and betting parlors all over the world. Many American casinos offer betting on organized sporting events, such as the NCAA Basketball Finals and The Super Bowl. Another sport that receives a lot of attention from gamblers is boxing.

The Types of Betting Games

Gambling of one of the oldest forms of competitive entertainment, and the concept has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks. There are many betting games, and they are typically classified as: casino games, non-casino gambling, and fixed-odds betting.

Non-Casino Gambling

Gambling games that take place outside of a casino are usually placed in a separate category. Any game that takes place outside of a casino, but includes betting, is considered a non-casino gambling game. Non-casino games include:

  • Card Games – Liar’s Jayapoker, bridge, basset, piquet and put
  • Carnival Games – The razzle and hanky pank
  • Lotteries – Dead pools, state lotteries, pull-tab games, and scratch cards
  • Dice-Based – Backgammon, liar’s dice, hazard, threes, and Mexico
  • Confidence Tricks – Three-card Monte and the shell game